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13 websites for writers

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I thought it was about time I shared some links on other writing sites. At some point I will do a top ten list for writers, but for now, this is what I have.

The following links have come from my bookmarks and Google Reader subscriptions. I can’t promise that these are “The Best Writing Sites You’ll Ever Find!”, or even that they’re ones I visit much. The truth is, I don’t browse the web for this sort of thing nearly as much as I should. What I can promise about the following links is that at some point, someone, or some site that I respected recommended these sites. I can also promise that I have given them at least a cursory once over to determine that they have some useful content (otherwise I would not have added them to my list o’ stuff).

Anyway, here they are! Please enjoy and share, and add your favourite links to the comments.

General writing sites

  • WriteMindset
  • Daily Writing Tips
  • Writing Forward

Sites on grammar and writing technique

  • The Economist style guide
  • Grammar girl
  • Wikihow – How to use English Punctuation Correctly
  • Sparknotes Grammar Guide
  • Nathan Bransford – literary agent

Site on self-publishing

  • The Creative Penn
  • myebook
  • smashwords
  • Authonomy
  • eHow – How to self-publish a book