February 15th, 2009
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Getmewriting.com is intended as a creative writer’s resource of inspiration and tips on how to get through the difficult process of writing. Over time, it is also intended to foster a friendly community of writers willing to share their knowledge and experiences.

For me, it is part journal, part impetus, and part request for help! I am also a writer who struggles to find time, motivation, and even ambition when it comes to writing. The will is there, but so many other things seem to get in the way! I will use this writing blog to document my experiences, and to offer help and advice where I can. Having a responsibility to others to update regularly will provided me with some external pressures to get me writing. Plus, I also want you, the visitor, and fellow writer, to share your advice and experiences, to help me and other people visiting getmewriting.com.

We can help each other! So, let’s get writing!

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