How I’m Focussing my Writing Routine


I wrote recently about my lack of focus and how I’m combating a wandering mind. But I’m fighting this battle on two fronts! The second is how I organise my day. Read more…

How I’ll Replace Distracting Thoughts With Writerly Ones

Mmm... brains. Image courtesy of Rhonda Oglesby on the Flickrs.

I need to remove distractions. This is not as simple as removing them from my work environment – this is about removing them from my mind. Read more…

5 Tips For Motivated Editing

shredded writing projects

Do you have editing fatigue? Trouble getting motivated? Can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel? Try these five easy steps to pull you through the editing process! Read more…

There is no Such Thing as Talent

A paintbrush

Have you been told you’re talented? Maybe you’re someone who feels they’ve had to fight for every scrap of demonstrable skill.

But what if talent wasn’t a gift? What if talent was earned as well, and not being “talented” doesn’t hold you back? Read more…

The GMW Newsletter is Live!


In fact, maybe you’re reading this in your email client right now! That’s because the Get Me Writing newsletter is now, finally, bringing every post straight to your inbox every Tuesday. For those who signed up late, I’m so sorry for the wait.

Now, if you’re reading the newsletter, this week’s post proper should be just under here. Enjoy!

Bad Feedback, Or Beware of the Trolls

green-haired troll

There will come a point in your writing career (whether you’re starting out or well established) where someone, somewhere, will dislike what it is you’ve written. And they may not voice this very well. Read more…

Markdown Anywhere: Writers On The Go

markdown logo

One of the powerful features of Markdown is it allows you to work anywhere and transfer your documents anywhere. Here are some apps that let you do that. Read more…

Windows Apps For Markdown Writers

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I’ve already covered Markdown for Mac, but now it’s the turn of Windows. What Markdown-enabled text delights await us? Read more…

Mac Apps For Markdown Writers

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Markdown is pretty handy on its own, but to get the most out of it you can try a few apps. As I’m mostly a Mac user, this week I’ll be focussing on my favourite Markdown aps for Mac. Read more…

Crafting an Epic – Perils and Pitfalls

Broken hearted robot

There are many traps that can scupper your chances of completing an epic. Here are some that are bothering me at the mo. Read more…