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Rewarding yourself

October 1st, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments
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I’m coming to the end of a story. This is normally motivation in itself, but I think thus time I need a little push. (perhaps it is a precursor of the nerves that come when I have to start something new. Especially as I intend to do something longer next time).

So, my solution is to reward myself when I’ve completed the draft of the story. Or, rather, I am delaying some other gratification. The new Muse album is now out, and I of course bought it, being a big fan. When it came I gave it straight to my wife and asked her to hide it from me until I finished this story.

To be honest, I’m not sure if this is a reward or a punishment! Or whether that matters.

I did make a mistake, however. I think I should have simply said, “don’t get anything new for yourself, or at least don’t allow yourself to use anything new.” you see, I bought Batman: Arkham Asylum the other week also and played it. It’s a great game by the way. But now my “get something new for yourself” itch is pretty much scratched and I’m not so bothered about that Muse album anymore! Oops!

Anyway, I was really wondering what other people do to reward or punish themselves in order to get that extra motivation kick. And which have you found better, stick or carrot?

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