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A use for a journal

November 13th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments
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A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a new journal that my wife bought me. I think I’ve now found a god use for it, so read on for one idea about how to use a journal.

leather bound journal

This is my new notebook. Only mine has funky embossed letters. Because I am special, and my wifey loves me.

I won’t go over the problem I had again, you can read it by following the link above. Suffice to say that I was unsure how the new journal would fit into my writing/noting/planning setup. The referenced post summarises my current routine, so you might want to check it out for that alone.

First, thanks to all who gave comments, both on the site and elsewhere on the interwebonetosphere. It’s always great to get feedback from everyone!

I’ve decided this new journal will be used to note story ideas – with some strict rules. When I get an idea, I just want to get it down. I can elaborate on it later when it’s not distracting me from my current project. So, it will strictly be one story idea per page – just the date, descriptive title, and a brief synopsis of the idea. That way when I next need an idea for a story, I know exactly where to go!

This satisfies the criteria laid down in my last post:

  • Notes do not need to be copied up
  • Entries are brief
  • The journal has a specific purpose
  • It prevents simple story ideas from being lost amongst my other notes on my iPod Touch/computer, which might well be a problem in the future

And that’s that. I shall now write in my first entry, and pop the book in my bag.

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