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What Do You Do When You Get A New Idea?

April 9th, 2009

Some people have to search for new ideas, or need to find ways of generating them. For a lot of people, a new idea is precious. So, what do you do to look after this delicate and valuable seed?

For me, I like to get a mindmap of the idea done as soon as I can. I am somewhat paranoid about forgetting bits, and like to get as much juice out of an idea as I can straight away. Part of that is the assumption that if I have just had an idea, it is likely that I am in an idea-generating mood, if there is such a thing. So, I want to take advantage of it!

This is my current activity when I get an idea. Of course, I’m not always at a computer, or it’s not always convenient to open my mindmapping software. So, if there is another way of at least capturing the idea, I will do that. A note on a scrap piece of paper is even okay as long as I can do something with it later (such as type it up or mind-map it or some other electronic method of recording it). If it is quick to do, I might email it to myself for later.

Why the preoccupation with electronic stuff? Well I tend to loose bits of paper if they hang around for too long for a start. Copying and pasting is good on computers too. And, a notebook has no search, so if I want to find a note later, it’s easier on computer. But I know a lot of people prefer to take their initial notes on paper, especially in the initial idea-generating phase. This is usually for the same reason that I like using mind-mapping software – it’s easy, flows, and is much more freeform.

What do you do when you get a new idea? What methods of capture do you use? Or, do you ‘capture’ it at all? Maybe you prefer to dwell on an idea over time, and let it form before you write anything down? Please share below.

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