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Incredible jewelry - a fantasy of metal and gems

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Unique jewelry has always been valued more than mass-produced items. Author's accessories are perceived as a masterpiece of art - and it is not surprising, because their design is developed by the best artists. Our articles on the ukrburshtyn.com web tell you about one of these projects!

Сальвадор Далі

Jewelry by Salvador Dali - ideas and designs

The surrealist painter (1904-1989) became famous for his mysterious, mystical works. Not only the canvases of the master, but also his other creations - merchandise brands, costumes, furniture, films, and, of course, accessories - are imbued with a similar mood.

In 1940, escaping from the Second World War, Salvador together with his wife Gala went to the USA, where he agreed to cooperate with the New York jewelry house "Alemany&Ertman". He drew 39 sketches, 37 of which were brought to life under the supervision of Dali himself. All accessories have his personal autograph.

In his book "50 Magical Secrets of Mastery" (1948), the genius advises: "Learn to write with a brush so that gold and precious stones appear from under it." And indeed, the artist used only the most colorful materials. Diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, pearls, platinum, silver and gold - this is what his jewelry consists of. Salvador Dali believed that they are obliged to arouse the imagination, captivate and shock.

Ювелірні прикраси Рубінові губи

Anthropomorphic accessories of the master

The painter praised the human body, its harmony, strength and beauty. He did not abandon this topic when making jewelry. So, the "Ruby Lips" brooch made of 24-carat gold, rubies and pearls repeats the lips of Mae West - a Hollywood actress and sex symbol of the 1930s.

Ювелірна брошка

In the same year, the "Honey Heart" and "Pomegranate Heart" brooches were made based on the artist's sketches. He went on to say that they embody "the pleasure that is in the soul of every woman."

The "Eye of Time" brooch is no less famous. In the center of the eye, a blue enamel watch face shimmers from platinum and diamonds. In the corner, you can see a ruby, from which a diamond tear extends. The composition represents the inexorable flow of days, from which you cannot hide - the eye sees the present, past and future. A copy of the accessory was worn by Sofia the Great, Queen of Spain.

The brooch "Royal Heart" (1953), made in honor of the enthronement of Elizabeth II, is also dedicated to the crown-bearer (the idea of the masterpiece was suggested to Salvador by Gala). The piece combines 46 rubies, 42 diamonds and 4 emeralds, but its main "highlight" is the moving center. Thanks to a special mechanism, the inner part of the product pulsates as if alive!

And in 1964, the "Choreographic Necklace" was completed, where a large amethyst is surrounded by intertwined limbs. The golden parts of the body are studded with diamonds and sapphires.

Interweaving of worlds

Salvador Dali claimed: “I see the human in trees, leaves, animals; and animal and plant forms - in people." Amazing creations proved this.

Намисто ручної роботи

In the "Tree of Life" necklace (1949), the pendants turn into a woman's eyes, nose, and lips, and the branches into her hairstyle. The "Ophelia" brooch (1953) was made in a similar way - a hexagonal citrine adorns the girl's face, and branches encrusted with green pomegranates sprout from her hair. And the gold emerald and ruby necklace "Hand in the form of a leaf" (1953) resembles both a brush with outstretched fingers and a maple leaf.

But the most famous decoration in this style is "Living Flower" (1959). Diamond-encrusted gold petals end in tiny palms. It is worth setting in motion the mechanism hidden inside, and they begin to move, as if trying to grab something ephemeral.

The work "Grapes of Immortality" (1970), where amethyst grapes are combined with golden skulls, also looks unusual. The accessory is fixed on smoky quartz, painted by Dali himself - he depicted the angel of Eternity on the gem.

Many people wanted to buy jewelry created by a genius. At the end of 1940, the first collection of 22 items was purchased by millionaire K. Catherwood, and in 1958 it was transferred to the Owen Cheatham Foundation. In 1981, the accessories became the property of a multimillionaire from Saudi Arabia, who, in turn, resold them to three Japanese companies. But in 1999, the Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation bought the works for €5.5 million, placing them in the theater-museum of Salvador Dali in Figueras (Spain).

Art and religion

The painter had a difficult relationship with faith and the church, but Christian motifs can be traced in many of his works. For example, the work "Pax Vobiscum" (1968), where a jewelry frame made of gold, diamonds and quartz is combined with a painting on wood, is clearly inspired by icons. In addition, in 1959, the master made several crucifixes: "Cross of gold cubes", "Laserite cross", supplemented with platinum rays and red rubies, and "Cross of shoots". And in 1960, he completed the moving "Angel's Cross".

The accessories offered by the jewelry store "Yantar Polissya" also have an exclusive design, because they are made of gems with a unique color, texture and shape.

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