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The relic-protector of Ukraine - meaning, veneration, and history of the Pochaiv Icon of the Mother of God

The Pochaiv icon of the Mother of God has been protecting our country from all threats for many years. Many believers turn to her who seek to feel the help and support of the Heavenly Queen, to be cured of serious ailments, and to cope with mental apathy, despair, and disappointment. Our article will tell you about how the miraculous shrine was found, what it symbolizes, and in what cases it comes to the rescue. In this article, brought to you by yantar.ua, we delve into the fascinating story of how this miraculous shrine was discovered, unravel its profound symbolism, and explore the remarkable ways it comes to the rescue of those in need. Discover the power and grace of the Pochaiv icon of the Mother of God with the insights provided by yantar.ua.

Почаївська ікона Божої Матері

How did the icon of the Pochaivska Mother of God appear?

According to church legend, the face of the Virgin of Pochaev was given to Christians during the era of Tatar raids, when cruel warriors ravaged Ukrainian lands and people was taken captive. Fortresses, villages, and monasteries suffered from attacks.

Once several monks tried to find shelter in Volyn - and when one of them climbed to the top of the hill, he saw the Immaculate Virgin there. Surrounded by a flaming halo, the Heavenly Queen stood on the mountain, pointing with her hand to the stone under her feet. At first, the man was frightened and ran headlong down the slope, but soon he was overcome by the greatness of the Mother of God and, together with his companion, began to pray devoutly, asking her to guide them to the right path. The third witness to the miraculous vision was a shepherd who was grazing a flock of sheep nearby. After some time, the Mother of God disappeared - but the imprint of Her foot remained on the rock, from which a healing spring flowed. Later, the monks founded a new monastery there, to which pilgrims and ascetics flocked.

And the icon itself, which reminds us of a wonderful event, appeared in Ukraine only in 1559. Patriarch Neophyte brought it from Tsargorod, giving it to the noblewoman Anna Goyska in gratitude for a roof over her head - the woman hid the church embassy in her Orlya estate. The image stayed in the manor chapel for 38 years, until its power healed Philip - the blind brother of the aristocrat. After that, the relic, which emitted a radiant glow, was placed in the Holy Dormition Pochaiv Lavra.

Свято-Успенська Почаївська лавра

The Pochaiv icon of the Mother of God: the meaning in which it helps

The touching and insightful shrine is made in the manner of "Eleus" ("Emotion"). Jesus Christ, sitting on the right hand of the Blessed Virgin, gently presses his cheek to Her face - this image demonstrates comprehensive and infinite divine love, the Lord's willingness to accept and forgive any sinner. Other characteristic features of the relic are the shield that the Heavenly Queen holds in her left hand and a schematic drawing of a rock with a footprint.

The image is painted with oil paints on a Linden board. Once it was covered with a silver knot, but gradually the metal tarnished, and the shrine was decorated with a pearl robe. In 1869, the decoration of the icon was changed again - now it is encased in gold and gems, the shape of which resembles an eight-pointed star.

The Pochaiv image of the Virgin Mary is famous for its numerous healings. Even completely desperate people turned to him - and the Mother of God gave them freedom from terrible torment. So, in 1664, water from a spring near the Lavra healed a boy with a black eye - as soon as the priest washed the boy's face, he began to see. And in 1950, the relic saved the almost paralyzed nun Varvara - before that, the woman could barely walk on crutches, but after touching the image, she was able to move freely again.

The shrine is powerful not only over physical ailments - but also heals the soul, cleansing it of bitterness, envy, anger, laziness, other vicious passions, and harmful addictions. In addition, praying in front of the icon allows you to strengthen your faith, get rid of doubts, calm anxiety, and feel peace, pacification, and joy.

In 1675, another miracle related to the relic occurred. When the Turkish troops approached the monastery, the frightened inhabitants of the monastery offered an all-night prayer in front of the shrine. And at dawn, the Queen of Heaven herself appeared above the domes of the main cathedral of the Lavra, accompanied by angels and the righteous. Shocked enemies fled, and the monks set the date of this event (August 5 or July 23 according to the old style) as the day of commemoration of the image.

Therefore, the Pochaiv Mother of God is addressed with requests to protect the house from unexpected guests, envious people, thieves, and robbers. And she gives peace to the family, admonishes children, sends a good and faithful life partner, prevents conflicts between spouses, prevents problems and misfortunes, and inspires patience, gentleness, and understanding in the heart.

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