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I am what might be very loosely termed ‘a writer’. You won’t find me on your bookshelves, or in your magazines or newspapers (you might find me on other websites, if you look really really hard). So, I’ve not been published, or got that far in the attempt, but writing has interested me throughout my teenage years and all of my adult life. Creative Writing formed a large part of my degree in fact.

So I do know a little. but it’s such a struggle putting anything in to practice! What I need, I’ve decided, is some kind of external pressure. What if I had someone I had to constantly update on my progress? I might even be able to help other people to write in the process! That someone is you, and this blog is the method by which I will do it. This blog will get me writing!

Over the next few blog entries, I’ll be discussing my plan of action to actually get me properly writing, rather than just thinking about it. I’m busy, like most people, with not nearly enough time on my hands to do these things as I used to. I’m also much less ‘inspired’ than I was as a teenager, which has always been something that has put me off in the past.

So if that sounds even a little like you, then please, keep reading, as I’ll be sharing my trials and tribulations to overcome the obstacles (self-imposed and otherwise), that have so far prevented me writing that best-selling novel, or whatever. And even if that doesn’t sound like you, come on in, anyway – you are most welcome!