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5 great posts on finding time to write

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Time. A lack of time seems to be the bane of everyone’s lives. For those struggling to write, it’s one of the first and most vital problems to solve. Unless you give up the day job, carve out plenty of alone time away from your partner, freinds and kids, and maintain a healthy level of discipline, it’s a problem that’s not likely to ever get completely solved (even if you do manage all of those things, you still have to fit in time to promote yourself and your books).

So, it’s a hot topic in the writing blogosphere. Do a check. The next time you read a writing blog, search on it for a post on finding time to write. It will be there (if the blog even has a search, which I found to be a curious rarity). It was one of the first entries that made it on to this fine blog as a matter of fact. And chances are that most if them will say pretty much the same thing.

So given the wealth of information, where should you go for the best advice? Well, I’ve subscribed to a lot of blogs, and I’ve done that very search on all of them, plus searched in Google for good measure, and I’ve made a list of five that are not only good, but hopefully offer something a little different as well. I know, I know, but there’s no need to thank me. It’ll only make my head swell.

Behold, five great blog posts on finding time to write!

In no particular order…

  1. Chip on Your Shoulder – Time is on Our Side: Write to the Beat of Your Circadian Rhythms
    This post by Chip Scanlan actually doesn’t talk about circadian rhythms at all, oddly enough. But it does collect a few anecdotes about how published authors found time to write, and offers some sound advice to boot.
  2. Writing World – Time and the Writer
    Here’s an idea, keep a diary of exactly where you spend your time, great if you’re really struggling.
  3. Write to Done – How To Find Time To Write While Traveling
    A little different this. What about if you’re travelling about – on holiday for example?
  4. essortment – Finding Time to Write
    For a more rigorous approach, read this article. Get a new hairstyle? Yes, really.
  5. We The ’Bistro – Finding Time to Write
    Seven tips included in this one. This represents the typical advice you’ll find across the internet, but it’s good advice all the same. Although, I’m not so sure about the writing class, but whatever helps.

And if all else fails, you could always get someone else to write it for you!

Please let us know how you find the time to write – we need all the help we can get!

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