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Take a break between projects?

November 5th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments
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So you’ve finished something (woohoo!). The other week I wrote briefly about giving yourself a reward. Maybe having a break from writing could be that reward.

Don’t take a break!

I would like to read peoples’ opinions on this. For me, I think it’s a really bad idea. Quite recently I had a week off work, and because I wasn’t in my usual daily routine, I did no writing either. Clearly taking a break is dangerous for me.

But more than that, it’s often said that starting something new can be the most difficult thing (I think it depends), so do you really want to make it even more intimidating by taking a writing break? You could well end up with a situation where you’re putting it off. And the longer you leave it, the harder it gets.

Do take a break!

This might depend on the piece of work you’ve just finished though. Imagine (maybe you don’t have to, but I do), that you’ve just spent two years solid working on your novel. One week’s hiatus, possibly accompanied by an actual break away somewhere, might be just what you need! Having spent a while in one world, maybe you need to get it out of your system.

And there’s also the question of what you’re going to do next, and how you start new projects. Do you delve right in, or do you need a little time for your new idea to marinate before you put pen to paper? A break from actually writing could be used to give your embryonic project a vital gestation period.

For me, although I’m writing a lot more than I used to (i.e. at all), having a break is not really an option. It takes me long enough to write something as it is. Perhaps some full time writers could fill me in on what they do, as despite my reservations about taking even a little break, I can’t even decide what would be best “in an ideal world”. Comments section is below.