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Remember, writing is easy

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We seem to moan a lot as writers. We bemoan the lack of time, writer’s block, the seeming enormity of the tasks we set ourselves (that epic trilogy felt like such a great idea a week ago). How often are we given the advice to “just do it”? And yet we still resist! So next time you’re staring at the blank page, a pained expression on your face and sweat on your brow, remember, writing is easy!

  • How long do you spend at work, asleep, playing games, watching TV? It would only take a fraction of that time to write your novel. It’s estimated that on average a writer can manage a page in an hour. Write for just one hour every day and you have 365 pages done in a year. To some, that’s what you call a book.
  • You want to write, yes? So, chances are you read a lot, you may have done quite a bit of writing in school. You were good, yes? You may have taken writing courses. You almost certainly have had good ideas worth writing about. You’ve got talent in other words. This is already something you’re good at!
  • And have you remembered that you enjoyed writing in the past yet? You probably still enjoy it. Even better!
  • You’re here, so you already know that if you’re struggling there is help. Plenty. Between blogs like this, online communities, books, writing courses, there is an abundance of help out there!

When you think about it like that, what’s so difficult, really? I want people to use this list as a little bit of motivation when they need something to help them pull themselves together. I’d like you to look at this list and think, that’s right – writing’s great, and I can do it, I have done it, it’s easy!

Has anyone got anything similar they tell themselves? Add it in the comments and it may make it’s way to the list above.

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