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Why Dieting is Like Writing

February 26th, 2011 No comments

Perhaps that’s not an accurate headline. What I wanted to say was, “why reaching and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is like becoming a writer”, but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it. Questionable headline aside, let’s start with a brief discussion about dieting. Read more…

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I never failed once…

February 19th, 2011 No comments

It was Thomas Edison‘s birthday last Friday (which I would not have known, save for an excellent Google logo (scroll to Feb 11th)), and a tweet from someone reminded me of a quote from him. Read more…

Hero Worship

February 11th, 2011 No comments

In several of my previous posts, I have mentioned meeting one of my favourite authors. So how can this kind of event influence you as a writer? Let’s explore this shall we? Read more…

Time to get serious. Again.

February 5th, 2011 No comments

The launch of represented my first real attempt at taking this writing thing seriously. Despite years of study and occasional dabblings, this was the first time I decided that I couldn’t live without this, and I was going to have to make it happen for myself.

I needed a plan, and one of my own devising. Stage one was to generate some material, or even more basic than that, get into some kind of writing routine. Gather some of the tools to generate some material in other words.

And after two years, look how far I’ve come! Not very far at all. Read more…